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Some “How-to’s” of finding suppliers in India

As more and more companies look for alternates to their China sources, we receive many queries about what is the best way to approach a supplier search initiative for India. I thought that it would be useful to summarize some of the highlights of that advice and share it here. (A prior article published on […]

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Like lipstick on a pig, fancy graphs don’t change bad data!

A headline, from Bloomberg News, in my daily newsfeed, attracted my attention. 

It said “Truck Cargo Numbers Point To Growing Economy”.   Now that was an interesting departure from the recent crescendo of recessionary doom and gloom articles.  With my interest being piqued, I went to the Bloomberg News site […]

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India Sourcing Strategy Tip: Manufacturing Clusters

The first and most vital step in any sourcing process is identifying potential suppliers.

Finding suppliers in low-cost countries, such as India, has become much simpler.  As recently as 15 years ago, for domestic US suppliers, one had to rely on a Rolodex and the familiar sight of bookshelves lined with the green hardcover Thomas Directories.  […]

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