From a sourcing perspective, the need for India or other low-cost countries as an alternative to China is gaining more traction.

As labor costs in China continue to spiral upwards and global political and economic pressures are compelling a relaxation of the tightly controlled valuation band of the Yuan, what was once a low-cost country is rapidly becoming less so with every passing month.

Therefore, companies from high-cost developed nations are venturing into India, among other alternate nations, seeking out suppliers to replace their current China sources or at least hedge against the pricing volatility in China and the burst of the “China Price” bubble.

We have successfully managed sourcing projects for US and European companies. The Sourcing gallery  exhibits a range of products that have been successfully sourced out of India under the leadership of our top management team.


quality assurance

Nothing is more important than the quality of your sourced product or service.
Chiketa’s Lean-Six Sigma inspired methodology, tools and technology build quality into the process to ensure nothing less than complete satisfaction.

  • 12-month supplier viability warranty,
  • US and India based sourcing and marketing professionals,
  • Indian Companies trained to meet world class standards,
  • Data gathered using effective and time-tested methodology,
  • Companies vetted to eliminate traders or needless middle layers,
  • In-country staff of engineers ensuring quality.

logistics and delivery

Chiketa finds, screens and presents candidate companies, quotes and complete data within an average of 14 days from the receipt of a request.

Also…our in-depth company assessments, quote analysis and quotations from vetted manufacturing companies help you to make an informed choice quickly.

  • We are constantly adding to our database of qualified and trusted companies.
  • WYSIWIG does not apply websites for Indian Manufacturing companies. We visit and audit each company.
  • Our methodology ensures that we separate the “wheat from the chaff”.
  • We are constantly evolving our network in India to ensure that we minimize lead-time.
  • The quality of our data eliminates wasted time spent in exploring nonviable companies.

Chiketa goes to great heights to ensure that all services are delivered speedily….

adding value to castings

Unlike traditional b2b portals and other firms that charge as much as they can get away with, our goal is to become an extension of your own operations at a reasonable cost.

Chiketa is much more cost effective than what you would spend internally to conduct a sourcing or marketing campaign.

We maintain complete transparency in our transactions even to the extent of sharing internal financial information as and when required.

By reaching companies and markets that may not be visible on the web, we are able to get costs that are competitive globally.

Compared to standard outsourcing companies in India – Chiketa insists on being different by adding substantial value and maximizing savings.

Chiketa does not outsource the core tasks of production control and quality assurance!!!

Our Lean – Six Sigma background makes us perfectly capable and skilled at effective project management and supplier development.

Chiketa has the resources to specialize in the area of quality control and project monitoring. On-line sites like the ones below, simply do not!


Chiketa vs Others

Service or FeatureChiketaOthers
No registration fee
Database vetted for only genuine manufacturers and no traders/distributors
Estimated freight cost provided
Nearest port location determined


Expected average cost per project



Manufacturers pricing viability guaranteed for 12 Months
Full and updated information on infrastructure from manufacturers


Manufacturers facility and operations video footage when desired


Negotiable best price for you
Micro to Small and Medium manufacturers available who may not be visible on the web
Enable direct interface with Indian manufacturers


Defined OEM suppliers instead of after market

Not clear

Manufacturing and marketing of product under one roof

Description of Service



Supply Chain BPO

Supplier Search
RFQ bid campaigns
Analyze quotations for completeness and competitiveness
Report analysis of variance + shortlist viable suppliers.
Supplier feasibility on-site assessment and report
Supplier quality system assessment
Project management - production planning/in process controls
Engineering support, including CAD design services
Pre-Shipment inspection certification
Independent lab testing of product
Handling Logistic services, customs and regulatory red tape
Loading and shipment supervision
Export benefits coordination
Assembly and packaging
Warehousing/Freight Consolidation
Tooling Management
Purchasing/Eng./QA personnel working directly for customer
Provide customer physical India presence virtually
Manage JV/Ownership of Indian companies for clients


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